Short Term Boarding

Equestrian Holidays, Vacations, Layovers, Regional Shows & Horse Sitting

Interested in riding the trails, showing in the area or working with a trainer? Or do you want to go on vacation and need a "horse-sitter"? Perhaps you would like a well-appointed lay-over farm as you travel? Then short-term boarding is for you!

Our guest barn has roomy stalls & wide aisles for all your tack & gear.  We also have multiple pastures for turn-out or pasture boarding.

Along with access to miles of trails, we also offer a round pen, competition size arena and an obstacle field for our guests use. World class eventing & dressage coaches are our neighbors if you are looking for a place to lodge & take lessons.

-"Short-term" is less than 3 months/self-care while owner is on premises or nearby

  • Daily Prices:
    • $22 per horse pasture only 
    • $27 per horse pasture with shed
    • $39 per horse stall w/pasture turnout
  • Weekly: 10% discount  
  • Monthly: 15% discount


-"Horse sitting" (owner not on premises) includes feeding, water, mucking & turn-out/owner provides feed & hay

  • Daily Prices:
    • $35 per horse pasture only
    • $40 per horse pasture with shed
    • $55 per horse stall w/pasture turnout
  • Weekly: 10% discount
  • Monthly: 15% discount

BEMER services for equine guests

Then click on “Equine Line” top left corner of page. This section houses all the important information on BEMER for equines. Not only informative text but great videos on what BEMER does for the horse body.

What are the proven health benefits of BEMER for horses?

·         Improves microcirculation & vasomotion

·         Supports sympathetic & parasympathetic processes (autonomic regulation)

·         Promotes relaxation and regeneration

·         Increases performance 

·         Optimizes exercise through increased suppleness

·         Accelerates recovery process after injury or surgery

·         Improves the recovery process after surgery